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Fibrocem Anti-Graffiti / Fire Protection Coatings

Anti-graffiti & fire upgrading to class O in only 2 coats

Fibrocem AG/FP Coatings are the most advanced anti-graffiti/fire protection coating system ever developed. They can deliver anti graffiti protection and a class O fire rating in only 2 coats.

Ultimate graffiti protection

The finish coat is our best ever anti-graffiti finish and delivers superior, long term protection against all common attacks including spray can and permanent marker.

Ultimate spread of flame protection

The coatings are a passive fire protection coating system designed to improve the fire rating of previously painted surfaces and new, significantly reducing heat release and the rate at which flame spreads through enclosed and communal escape areas in buildings.

Ultimate performance

Tested by Warrington Fire, the system successfully upgrades the class 4 Blue Board to Class O. The ultra-tough finish provides long-term protection and therefore delivers excellent through life costings.

Ultimate compliance

The coating systems help architects, facilities managers, building owners and surveyors to comply with Section B2 of the Building Regulations and fulfil their professional obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO).